Biker music teacher wants to ‘Give Peace a Chance’


A Stratford music teacher determined to spread a message of peace and friendship across the world has recruited the help of South Warwickshire primary school children for a special project.

Simon Kemp has been working with children at Ilmington Primary, Dunnington Primary, Newbold and Tredington Primary and Salford Priors Primary to make a recording of John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

At Easter Simon is set to travel 2,000 miles on his Yamaha Warrior 1700 motorcycle to schools in Marrakech, where he will record versions of the same song with children.

The event will be filmed and compiled into a video, with the project aiming to encourage communication and friendship across countries.

Youngsters from Morocco and Warwickshire will also swap messages of peace to create a ‘Tree of Peace’ at each school involved.

Rebecca Noon, headteacher at Ilmington Primary School, said: “This is a super project and we are thrilled to be supporting Mr Kemp on this new adventure.”