Stratford Job Centre set to move

The Job Centre's lease at Martin Raff House is due to expire in March (Picture provided by Google)

Stratford Job Centre is set to move after the Department for Work and Pensions revealed it was looking for a new office in the town.

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions, said: “We are going to have to vacate the current site because of the landowner’s plans to redevelop the area and we are working to find an alternative site.”

The spokesperson said the job centre would not be leaving the offices on Alcester Road imminently.

  • kingcoil

    They want to put a Hotel on the land

    • KJ

      The number of hotels required is infinite.

      • 1jamessmith1

        but the number of tourists won’t magicly increase to use the increased number of rooms. The local road network won’t magicly improve to handle the increased traffic

  • Centre Parting

    Shouldn’t that building be the homeless centre instead of the extravagant Winters conversion?

    • 1jamessmith1

      Do you know how many homeless are addicts that refuse to co-operate with help to get rid off their addiction that makes them homeless and unemployable. There is all ready a cafe where many such as Ann-marie Jack get together. Unfortunatly Orbit give this sort flats with no checks in place to ensure they are clean so flats get trashed. The individual gets a fortune in welfare because of things that are a result of their choice to be a drug addict

  • 1jamessmith1

    Don’t move the job center just get rid of it completely, all the staff do that I have seen such as Martin with black hair do for half the day is stare out of the window. Then have a few set appointments for claimants at Leamington, take them there and back in groups of how ever many seats the mini bus has.