Shock as Coventry Cathedral angel smashed during break-in

The boarded-up window. Photo: Coventry Cathedral

THERE has been widespread shock at the news of damage done to Coventry Cathedral overnight.

In a statement on its Facebook page this morning, the cathedral team reported that one of the angels in the West Screen, designed by John Hutton, was smashed during a break-in by what it believes was two people.

Dean John said: “We are appalled by the damage to one of Coventry’s best loved buildings last night. The magnificent glass West Screen of the Cathedral frames the view in and out of the building and the carvings of saints and angels inspire all who see them.

“We are pleased that a recent government grant enabled us to install CCTV cameras throughout the site and we will be examining footage of the evening to identify those responsible.”

In a further post this afternoon the team said they had been overwhelmed by the support they had received.

Dean John and Bishop Christopher were at the Litany of Reconciliation, which took place in the Ruined Cathedral at noon, as they reflected upon recent events.

Following the short service Dean John expanded upon his earlier statement.

He said: “It’s only a building – but buildings matter. And this is an irreplaceable piece of art that has served to inspire millions of visitors, which is now lost – or at least irrevocably damaged – for ever.

“That’s our history: we have experienced loss before, but it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. We search our own hearts today for the grace to follow Provost Howard’s example of praying ‘Father Forgive’ and to reach out in compassion and forgiveness to those responsible.”

  • Misty

    Whoever did this should have their possessions seized and the money raised put towards a replacement. They’d think twice if they lost their mobile phone, iPad, games console and the like.