Campaigners criticise council for delaying climate measures

Stratford District Council

Climate change activists have accused Stratford District Council of kicking the can down the road after delaying the approval a range of new measures to help the environment last week.

During last Monday’s Cabinet meeting members decided to hold off on approving an action plan developed by the authority’s Climate Emergency Task and Finish Group which outlined a wave of new policies.

Such measures included developing plans for all taxis in the district to become electric or ultra-low emission and increasing the number of electric charging points, both at people’s homes but also in car parks and at workplaces.

Other policies were setting up a community hub to engage with residents on climate change, teaming up with partner agencies to better insulate the district’s homes and identifying land for tree planting and community allotments.

A new bulk-buy solar panel scheme for residents, promotion of alternative travel to cars, lobbying government on carbon reduction, the creation of a new climate officer post, paperless council meetings and organising an annual climate forum are other policies within the report.

Council leader Cllr Tony Jefferson explained that the report contained complex issues which members needed to take time to consider.

He added that the matter should come back to the Cabinet before the end of March for consideration.

Stratford environmental campaigner Peter Craddock said: “Their listless behaviour does not seem compatible with the fact that we are in a state of emergency, if this is how the bureaucrats are going to carry on then we’re really in trouble.”

  • kingcoil

    It is about time all of the Taxis in Stratford were ulta low emission ones ie Hybrids. I see there is now one Electric taxi / hybrid and after talking with the driver i can see why there is only one this is probably due to cost £58,000.00 and the lack of charging points within the town.The council needs to embrace climate change and encourage Taxi owners to move away from Diesel, Whether this means large incentives or scrapping the existing wheelchair policy, and allowing the owners to buy Hybrids. One day the town centre will be pedestianised then it will be a much nicer and cleaner place to walk and shop .

    • Centre Parting

      Most of the taxis are small vans with windows in the back.
      Not really fit for more than short journeys but I suppose they go with the town’s trajectory.