Henley residents urged to think green


HENLEY Climate Action Group is urging people to think about three ideas to help battle climate change including stopping flying.

Group organisers John and Penny Stott say there’s been increased interest in environmental initiatives in Henley since a climate change meeting was held in the town’s Guildhall last October which was attended by 57 people.

“Twelve years ago there just wasn’t that much interest in the climate debate but now people are trying to understand the importance of it and interest is growing,” Mrs Stott said.

The three green ideas Henley Climate Action Group are asking people to consider are: switch off a light and close the door; give up or reduce air travel (the action group report that in Sweden air travel has reduced by eight per cent while rail travel has increased by eight per cent); walk more or take public transport.

The action group’s next meeting is on Thursday 30th January. For more details contact John or Penny Stott on 01564 792251.

  • JD Hogg

    Repatriating immigrants would cut Britain’s carbon footprint without any impact on our quality of life. We can also save our green fields from the developers if we stop trying to house the world.

    Oh, and I’ve been closing doors, switching off lights and walking not driving for years.

    • Big Jim and The Twins

      Are the retired Brits in the Algarve going to have to return to the UK?

      • JD Hogg

        Good one! Never heard that before.

        Yeah sure, if the Portuguese decide they are more trouble then they are worth. I suspect they won’t – bowls clubs and sunbathing ain’t exactly equivalent to county lines drug wars, Pakistani rape gangs, Vietnamese slaves working in nail bars and drug farms, “refugees” blowing up kids at pop concerts etc, etc etc.