Council U-turn on £50 pensioner parking permits


Councillors have backtracked on plans to charge pensioners £50 for parking permits, dropping the proposed fee to £25.

The £50 charge was originally included in the council’s draft budget, but the proposal has now been scaled back.

The change was added as an amendment to the budget at last Monday’s Cabinet meeting.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Ian Shenton, portfolio holder for operations, said: “We’ve altered the £50 figure we are consulting on to £25 simply because we’ve listened to what people have said, and £25 seems to be the general consensus. Of course this is a proposal and the public will get their chance to give their views on it via the consultation and we will listen to what is said.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    a £1 per week difference over the course of a year that would not buy a liter of fuel, oh how my heart bleeds. Should have been the full fat £50. No body cared when the green bin charges where in debate before being rubber stamped

  • kingcoil

    Far too many over 80 are still driving and are a menace on the roads never mind charging them maybe a driving test is more appropriate

  • Misty

    While I do agree with a £25 charge, I am waiting for the Left to jump up and down about this as they did over ‘period poverty’ that doesn’t exist.

    The silence is deafening.