Chapel Lane safety concerns prompt council to investigate

Bennet Carr, headmaster at King Edward VI School, demonstrated the hazard students face with the use of a manakin. Photo: Mark Williamson

Warwickshire County Council are investigating whether Chapel Lane is dangerous to pedestrians, following longstanding concerns from King Edward VI School.

Bennet Carr, Headmaster at KES, has long called for the county council to take action on the road drawing attention to a number of near misses where children have narrowly avoided being struck by vehicles.

Mr Carr says problem is that parking on one side of the street narrows the carriageway sufficiently to force larger vehicles to mount the kerb on the opposite side of the road- the side where the main entrance to the school is located.

The Headmaster has previously called on the council to consider suspending six parking bays on Chapel Lane during school hours to try and solve the problem, but to date the authority has not done so.

At the end of 2017 Cllr Jeff Clarke, former portfolio holder for portfolio holder for transport and the environment, explained in a letter to a parent that the council had checked the geometry of the road and concluded that it was wide enough.

He said that any large vehicles that do mount the kerb do so out of choice and not necessity.

However it now appears that the council are looking into the issue again.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: “Warwickshire County Council has been in correspondence with the Headteacher of King Edward VI School in relation to the concerns raised about the narrowness of the carriageway in Chapel Lane and the potential risk this poses to pedestrians and the students of King Edward VI School.

“In response to these concerns, the council is currently collating data with regard to the existing pedestrian and traffic movements to establish the extent of any risk to pedestrians along this stretch of road. We will be keeping in touch with Mr Carr and have agreed to meet with him in the near future to discuss our findings.”

Responding to the statement, Mr Carr said: “We’re encouraged that Warwickshire County Council are finally taking our genuine concerns seriously.”

  • TGB

    I find it obvious so why can’t the boys simply cross to the other side of the road to the wider footpath adjacent to New Place directly from the school gates? In any event the footpath on the school side finishes at the Arden Hotel so they would have to cross there anyway.

    When I was at KES there was a requirement for intelligence and pragmatism…

  • Centre Parting

    There are many bus routes where the vehicles using them are clearly unsuitable due to their being too large.
    Remember buses are to be worshipped even if they are spewing out black smoke and running round with virtually no passengers.

    • Big Jim and The Twins

      Fear not. Bus services are being cut.
      The future is being a green car-free town, oh and bus-free, no new cycle lanes or bike parks.. welcome to new eco-friendly Stratford, if you can get here.