Councillor back ‘Shut the Door’ campaign


Councillors have given their backing to a new campaign encouraging retailers to keep their doors closed during the colder months to help combat climate change.

The ‘Shut the Door’ campaign was brought before the Cabinet on Monday by Liberal Democrat councillor Nigel Rock who argued that in addition to helping the planet, the measure would protect workers from roadside pollution, deter shoplifters and prevent children wandering out onto the street.

The idea garnered much cross-party support in the chamber with deputy leader Cllr Daren Pemberton praising Cllr Rock for bringing the motion forward.

‘Shut the Door’ is a national campaign already supported by a number of councils in the UK.

  • Centre Parting

    There seem to be a number of retailers in the town who are shutting their doors permanently.

    Councillors should be turning their attention to the overall health of the town.

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  • JD Hogg

    The town’s retail economy is dead on its arse and they are wittering on about some door closing nonsense. This is the most Lib Dem thing ever.

  • 1jamessmith1

    When local retailers charge £30 for 6 Britta water filter cartridges when 12 from on line sellers only cost a little more what is to be expected? Last I knew it isn’t because local retailers over pay junior staff on 40 hour contracts