Today is National Pothole Day

Keen cyclist Iain Duck stopped to take a closer look at the pothole on the roundabout in Bridge Street, the hazard being a particular danger to bike riders as well as motorists. Photo: Mark Williamson

IT’S National Pothole Day and Stratford-upon-Avon is up there with the best when it comes to the great pothole count.

Since the Herald began its Pothole Watch campaign we’ve received ‘phone calls and emails from concerned residents and road users alike who are seriously concerned about the risk posed by potholes in and around town.

There are serious road safety concerns for cyclists and motor cyclists and the damage caused to vehicles often costs hundreds of pounds to repair.

The latest pothole hit list in Stratford – as reported by the public – includes:

Clopton Road at top of Justin’s Avenue

Warwick Road by St Gregory’s RC Church

St Peter’s Way, Birmingham Road

Bridge Street roundabout

Masons Road – opposite fire station

According to the Federation of Small Businesses who have released information today about potholes, the following applies to the West MiIdlands:

  • FOI data shows over 76,000 potholes were reported in the last year across the West Midlands.
  • Figures show local authorities in the region receive a complaint to fix a pothole every six minutes.

If you know of a particularly bad example on the roads in your area, tell us about it – call the Herald Newsdesk on 01789 266261 or email us at