Bin ‘rattle test’ not meant as a serious suggestion


Plans for bin men to use a ‘rattle test’ to determine whether the correct waste is being placed in refuse bins, was not a serious suggestion according to Stratford District Council.

During last week’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting at Elizabeth House Cllr Ian Shenton, portfolio holder for operations, was quizzed on how the authority’s new green bin charges would be enforced after some members of the public suggested they would just place their green waste in their black bins to avoid the charge.

Cllr Shenton said the authority would have to get tough on such actions, before suggesting one measure would involve bin men rattling the bins to determine whether the correct waste was being put inside.

However this week The Herald has been informed by the authority that Cllr Shenton’s suggestion was made during a light-hearted discussion and was not meant seriously.

Cllr Ian Shenton said: “I spoke about rattling the bins just to illustrate a point that there are simple solutions available to monitor the bins, it was not meant as an actual suggestion, I mentioned it during a light-hearted discussion. Measures we are probably going to be looking at are using camera technology in the cabs of collection vehicles and things like that.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    hopefully nobody will be to rattled about the new green bin charges

  • wicked messenger

    Good to see that Stratford DC has plenty of time to spend on light-hearted banter. It’s not as if there were any pressing problems for their attention.

  • SJD67

    It must be very sophisticated camera technology that will be used if it’s capable of detecting what’s inside bags. I dread to think what the cost will be, I’m sure that it will end up costing a lot more than the £40 per year charge for emptying the bins.