Shakespeare Hospice team shocked by break-in attempt

The smashed glass on the ground tells the story of the attempted break-in. Photo submitted

STAFF and volunteers at The Shakespeare Hospice were left shocked and angry after thieves targeted their building.

The front doors were attacked in an attempted break-in on Thursday evening, 9th January.

Police were called out by staff to the hospice, in Church Road, Shottery, in the early hours of Friday morning.

Both the inner and outer front doors were damaged beyond repair so will need to be replaced. No other area of the building was affected, and no-one was on site at the time.

This was the second time within the space of seven months the hospice has been forced into unnecessary expense, following the theft of a catalytic converter from one of its collection/delivery vans in June.

CEO Angie Arnold, said: “To say that we are devastated is an understatement.

“It is hard to believe that anyone would target a hospice that serves the community.

“This incident has cost us money, which needs to go to patient care.

“The team have been brilliant, we always pull together well in difficult times.”

Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information should call 101.

  • 1jamessmith1

    So where was the night manager when this happened?
    Why don’t they have cameras?

    • johnie

      Yes blame the hospice
      I’m sure the night manager and cameras would have prevented the lowlife targeting a Hospice

      • 1jamessmith1

        Johnie nobody is saying that cameras would prevent the theft but with good lighting triggered by motion they would provide images of those responcible and possibly a licence plate to assist law enforcement. The night manager had they done the job they where being paid for could have called law enforcement when the incident was in progress

        • johnie

          Fair enough, but do you know what % of criminals are caught let alone prosecuted and convicted?
          Ask the retailers on the Maybird or those who have been burgled in SonA over the past few years.

          • 1jamessmith1

            johnie With regard to shops it is the bad attitude of the police. I don’t know the numbers but if the cost of the items stolen is less than a set sum they are not interested in doing the job they are being paid for. In such situation I believe it to be some sort of civil matter.

            Bizarely when it is a post office of any sort, remarlably the incident is suddenly the Police’s No 1 priority.

            As much as each situ is different, I don’t know how good the photo/ video evidence offered to police was.

            Makes me wonder why the council tax for the year we are in now, the share for policeing had a rise of nearly 12%, yet every body else had either 0 or 2% at most

        • Wet Letice

          The cameras would catch some thugs wearing hoodies and bandanas with a stolen car.