Police crackdown on speeding motorists


Police are urging motorists to slow down after revealing 91 people had died on Warwickshire’s roads over the past two years in collisions where speed or loss of control had played a part.

In addition to the 91 killed between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2019, 659 people were seriously injured.

National statistics also show 49 per cent of speeding offences were recorded in 30mph zones, potentially putting the lives of pedestrians at risk.

Inspector Kirsty Clough said: “Speed limits are there to protect the public. The speed limit is a maximum not a target and driving too fast or at a speed inappropriate for the road environment or conditions means that drivers have less time to identify and react to what is happening around them.

“The driver’s safety margin is removed and near misses can easily turn into collisions because vehicles driven at speed take longer to stop.”

Officers will be tackling irresponsible and dangerous drivers by focussing their attention on high risk routes in Warwickshire to target those drivers who are committing speeding offences.

Roadside cameras play a significant role in catching speeders in Warwickshire, recording 3,672 offences in just one two-week period in August.

Police are warning that those who commit excessive high speed offences will not be given the offer of a fine and three fixed penalty points and will instead be prosecuted via the courts.

Such offenders could face a driving ban if they build up 12 or more penalty points.

Throughout the campaign police officers, PCSO’s, special constables and community speed watch volunteers across Warwickshire will be out and about in local communities taking part in a mixture of enforcement and educational initiatives.

Warwickshire Police is working closely with partners including Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Warwickshire County Council, Highways England, and national campaigners including BRAKE to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads.


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