First pictures of new hotel set to be built on cinema site


Exclusive first pictures of the new hotel set to be built on the site of Stratford’s Picturehouse Cinema on Windsor Street can be revealed by the Herald.

The 79-bedroom hotel will be offered by the chain Travelodge and demolition work at the cinema is set to begin later this month.

The current Picturehouse site

The look of the building is different to the plan originally granted outline planning permission in March last year and an application to vary the design is currently awaiting consideration with the district council.

Last Sunday (5th January) marked the final showing at Stratford Picturehouse, with many regular cinema goers bidding a fond farewell to the venue.

Existing hotels and guesthouses are split over the new plan for the site, with some believing the town is reaching saturation point in terms of hotel rooms, while others are unworried by the competition.

  • BirdBrain

    Why not rename the town Slough-upon-Avon as well?

  • Jon Doe

    Why? The new building (by the look of the concept image in the article) is in keeping with the original. In fact the existing building looks rather ugly and in need of improvement. Things change and need to be updated. Also, what’s wrong with Slough? 🙂

    • johnie

      You are correct Joe. it does fit in with the new SonA.
      This part of town could be named ‘The Birmingham Quarter’.

  • Fast Eddie

    Well that sits well in the historic environment doesn’t it; who chaired the planning meeting, Stevie Wonder?…..

  • 1jamessmith1

    Couldn’t travel lodge just have bought the Grosvenor on Warwick Rd?