Good news for Leo following council transport U-turn


A Stratford mum whose four-year-old son was denied specialist transport to school, is relieved that the county council has finally agreed to help the family.

Back in September, Leo Bolger, who struggles to walk was told he was not eligible for specialist transport to Welcombe Hills School, 1.7 miles from his home.

Leo’s mum Page told the Herald that her partner had been forced to give up work in order to drive Leo to school every day.

She explained that Leo is autistic and would have found it very difficult to walk to school.

Warwickshire County Council initially said that as Leo lived within two miles of the school, he was ineligible for free specialist transport.

The family appealed that decision and the authority has now backtracked after Leo was assessed by a medical professional.

Paige said: “We managed to get a letter from a paediatrician and they’ve finally agreed that is acceptable.

“We all just feel so much better about the situation now. The council certainly didn’t make life easy for us, it’s been tough, but I’m relieved that it’s all worked out now.”

Paige received support in her efforts to get Leo specialist transport from Stratford North County Councillor Dominic Skinner, who urged the authority to consider the human aspect in some cases.