WIN! A year’s supply of Monsoon Estate’s coffee


Monsoon Estates is well known in the Stratford area for roasting and supplying exquisite coffee to its legions of fans. Here Chris Howard and Anne Parker tell FOCUSLife about the business, while offering one lucky reader the chance to win a year’s roasters choice subscription of four bags per month for 12 months (get hold of a copy of the magazine for your chance to enter – in the shops from 31st December).

We believe that the love of a good coffee can be tasted in every single product we create. Our coffees are carefully selected and then roasted to please the palate of every single person that tastes it.

We source coffees from all around the world and we are well known for working with multiple Asian beans. Every coffee that is delivered to your door is handmade and you can taste the knowledge and passion that goes into it. Our mission is to make sure everyone gets the best quality cup of coffee, whether you are in a speciality coffee shop or at home. The roastery was established in 2009 as a small, family-run business.

By 2012, our coffees entered the National Great Taste competition and ever since, we have won multiple awards each year. Our Monsoon Espresso blend won the highest, 3 star Great Taste Award, Golden Fork Award for Midlands Estate Anglia and Top 50 UK products in one year, 2016. In 2018, 6 of our coffees won Great Taste Awards. Winning awards regularly means that we can now use the coveted Great Taste Producer stamp of approval. It’s great to know that we have been able to maintain our standards whilst increasing the number of beans that we roast.

We started as a family business and we still see it this way. We see it as a strong business and as a family full of unique personalities. We work with an incredible team of people and each one of them contributes to our mission of creating and sharing a great cup of coffee. We all get great pleasure in discovering new coffees from areas that we have not tried before. This passion creates an incredible environment for all our guests. We are very lucky to have our roastery and training academy on the beautiful Alscot Estate near Stratford-upon-Avon. Surrounded by nature and away from the everyday rush, we realised we have perfect conditions to share the knowledge in a peaceful environment. At the beginning of 2019, we started running Monsoon Academy, the barista school with a variety of programmes on all levels of the coffee journey, run by barista trainer Kasia Bluy. The idea of the school goes well with our mission and now, we educate people on how to be their own favourite baristas.

We run commercial and private training, team bonding events and coffee experiences to ensure people not only can taste but, also understand great coffee. There’s a wide range of experiences and courses to suit everyone and every price point, from the £15 Coffee Tour, Coffee Experience, where coffee fans can improve their knowledge, for £89 right up to intensive Barista (four hours’ training, £129) and Head Barista Training (12 hours’ training, £489). Find out more at or call 01789 459073.