Have your say on new rules over the Rec and Bancroft Gardens


Time is running out for residents to have their say on new rules governing the Recreation Ground and Bancroft Gardens in Stratford, with a consultation into new byelaws set to end on 31st January.

A review of the byelaws covering the areas (including the Tramway Bridge) was agreed by Stratford District Council last December, after concerns were raised about motorcycle groups meeting on Waterside.

After discussing the situation, councillors agreed that organised motorcycle gatherings would be allowed, but investigations into the rules revealed that existing byelaws governing the Rec and Bancroft Gardens were outdated and were originally laid down in 1910.

The existing rules mean that mobility scooters are not even technically allowed to be used in the area.

Among the new rules being consulted on is a ban on signs and placards, camping, fires, the use of sky lanterns and any missile which could cause harm.

Cyclists will also have to keep to designated cycle routes or existing rights of way, with no riding allowed on the Tramway Bridge.

The byelaws would ban all motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers from the Bancroft Gardens and Recreation Ground, but would allow the council to grant permission for vehicles or groups of vehicles to park in designated areas, if an application was made to the authority.

This exemption is expected to allow organised motorcycle gatherings to continue on Waterside.

Ball games would be allowed providing players are considerate of other users of the area, though there are specific bans surrounding archery, some field sports and golf (except in the case of golf, where specific areas in the grounds set aside for golfing activities).

Drones and model aircraft would also not be allowed in the grounds.

For more information about the proposed new byelaws or to leave your comments, visit https://www.stratford.gov.uk/environment/proposed-new-byelaw.cfm

Once the results are assessed, the council will then be able to apply to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for permission to introduce the byelaws.