Former Stratford student ready for top Radio 1 gig


A former Stratford College graduate from Halford has landed a spot as a guest presenter on Radio 1 over the festive season.

Jacob Edward, who studied creative media at the college, will be the first Radio 1 presenter who identifies at non-binary to appear on the show.

Jacob will host two of its Anthems shows, taking to the airwaves today (30th December) at 10am and another tomorrow.

Jacob said: “It’s very music and audience-focused. So expect lots of shout outs!

“I’m quiet by nature and I’ve always suffered from anxiety but radio has always been an outlet for me. I love nothing more than entertaining people and that’s so much easier when you’re trapped in a small box with a bunch of buttons!”

Since graduating from the College in 2017, Jacob has been building an impressive radio broadcasting portfolio, working as a presenter and producer for internet radio station Rubix Radio and national LGBTQ+ station Gaydio.

As well as their burgeoning career in radio, Jacob has been heavily involved in charity work too, collaborating with YoungMinds, Stonewall and youth homelessness charity akt.

The opportunity to present Radio 1 has come just at the right time – prior to receiving the call from the BBC, Jacob was considering leaving radio as a full-time career. “I was very close to giving up on radio when Radio 1 offered me the shows and was considering keeping it as a hobby at Gaydio and focusing on my charity work.

“The Radio 1 shows feel like the universe telling me I’m actually good at this and should pursue it. Career-wise I would love to work full-time as a presenter, if not at Radio 1 then at another BBC station.”

Stratford-upon-Avon College Media lecturer Shamaila Zaid is thrilled with Jacob’s success. “Jacob has come a long way from when they started here at the College in 2015 and is a true success story.

“Radio helped them to communicate with the whole College and was always their comfort zone. The course helped Jacob to become their own person. I’ve never been prouder of a student.”

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