Town Trust’s cash boost to community groups

Sara Aspley chief executive of Stratford Town Trust

More than £219,000 is to be distributed to 12 voluntary and community groups, as a festive financial boost from Stratford Town Trust.

The biggest winner in the Trust’s final funding round of 2019 is Safeline, which will receive £36,450, while large sums have also been awarded to Stratford Foodbank (£30,000), The Stratford Reminiscence Action Project (£27,000) and Lifespace (£25,970).

Other grants will go to Acorns Children’s Hospice (£24,570), Refuge (£20,000), The Parenting Project (£15,000), Time4Hope (£12,400), the Entrust Care Partnership (£10,666), Keep Playing (£8,820), Warwickshire Vision Support (£5,950) and The Central England Lip Reading Support Trust (£2,200).

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  • 1jamessmith1

    Sorry!!! Dosen’t Acorns Children’s Hospice have a shop close to Barclay’s Bank so rases is own money?
    Stratford Foodbank (£30,000), why when the fault is in part with the welfare system, and in another with employment practices. Outlawing zero hour contracts would end a lot of problems. A person is either employed, or they are not. Zero hour contracts are simply used to bully staff, I’ve been there.

    Hotels are the worst yet SDC seams to want a hotel on every corner .

    The foodbank that I know of gets donations from Customers at Tesco