Free repair with your cuppa at new cafe


IF it’s broken it can be fixed and whatever the item it can be made good again at the Alcester Repair Café.

Next month the town will launch its first repair café where members of the public can meet a skilled tradesperson like an electrician and get an item repaired for free and they can also learn how to fic things themselves thanks to some handy hints and advice from the professionals.

The item could be a broken toaster, a bike with a wobbly wheel or a sweater full of moth holes but the message to get across is it can be repaired rather than thrown away.

Wendy Sherwood, health and wellbeing coordinator at Alcester Town Council said: “Let’s learn to love our stuff again and save it from landfill. Let’s reinvigorate the ‘make-do and mend culture’ so it resonates with a whole new generation. Lamps, hair dryers, clothes, bikes, toys, crockery in fact anything that is broken is welcome and will more than likely be repaired.”

Volunteers at the café believe repairs can save money and resources and can help minimise CO2 emissions. “But above all, the repair café  wants to show how much fun repairing things can be, and how easy it often is,” Wendy said.

The launch date for the new project is 23rd January and Alcester Town Council plans to continue the Repair Café on a regular basis, every third Thursday of each month from 2pm tol 6pm in The Depot at the Eric Payne Community Centre (formally the Jubilee Centre) off St. Faiths Road,Alcester. Volunteers for repairs and administration or reception/refreshments and donations/tools all welcome.

If there’s nothing to repair then it’s still a good opportunity to visit the café for a tea or coffee and some cake.

The Repair Café started in the Netherlands in 2009 and was formulated by Martine Postma, at the time an Amsterdam-based journalist/publicist. In 2010, she started the Repair Café Foundation. This foundation provides support to local groups around the world wishing to start their own Repair Café. The foundation also supports the Repair Café in Alcester.

  • 1jamessmith1

    Good luck with the repair cafe’. Sadly nower days people tend to toss things when they go wrong, because a new one like all their mates have comes with a waranty. My DDR3 tower PC here recently started to bsod, the pc health said CPU 80Deg C. £5 for some new thermal paste, and £1 for a bottle of turps. 30 min, job done and a quicker than I recall pc