Clopton Bridge walkway re-opened

Clopton Bridge.

THE pedestrian walkway on Clopton Bridge has re-opened.

The footbridge was closed on 21st October so that urgent safety work to the underside of Stratford’s historic Clopton Bridge could be carried out for a project that was estimated to last nine weeks.

While Clopton Bridge remained open to traffic the closure of the footbridge meant pedestrians had to cross busy roads to access Tramway Bridge and continue their journeys into town.

An old gas pipe dating back to 1924 which contains telecommunication cables is still being replaced by engineers from Openreach Limited.

Openreach safety manager Hayley Yates said: “The element of the job that required us to add supporting straps to the footbridge is complete, therefore we have been able to re-open the walkway. The remaining work can continue safely underneath.”