Stratford Herald to host General Election hustings


Stratford’s general election candidates have been finalised, with representatives from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour Party and Green Party all set to fight for your vote.

Nadhim Zahawi (cons), who has represented Stratford since 2010, will face Dominic Skinner (Lib Dem), Felix Ling (Lab) and David Passingham (Green) at the ballot box on 12th December.

No independent candidates submitted nomination papers before last Thursday’s deadline.

Before the big vote though, residents of the district will get the chance to put the candidates under the microscope at the Herald’s General Elections Hustings on Monday 2nd December.

The free event, which will be chaired by former BBC presenter and producer Will Hanrahan, will take place at the Levi Fox Hall at King Edward VI School in Stratford between 7pm and 9pm.

Those attending are invited to submit questions beforehand, while there will also be opportunity to quiz candidates from the floor.

Free tickets need to be reserved beforehand and are available by clicking here, while 100 are available from the Herald offices.

A maximum of four tickets are available per person.

If you would like to submit questions beforehand, please email them to

Questions may also be submitted, in writing, to our offices at York House, 17 Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6NB, prior to the event.

They must contain the full name and address, and a contact telephone number, of the contributor.

We are also planning to film the Hustings for the benefit of those who may be unable to attend on the night.

The full list of candidates in Kenilworth and Southam was also finalised last week, with Antony Tucker (Lab),  Jeremy Wright (Cons), Richard Dickson (Lib Dem), Alison Firth (Green) and Nicholas Green (Monster Raving Loony Party) standing.

Just over the county border Barmy Lord Brockman (Monster Raving Loony), Sue Howarth (Green), Helen Russell (Lab), Margaret Rowley (Lib Dem) and Nigel Huddleston (Cons) are all standing to become MP for Mid Worcestershire.

Standing in Warwick and Leamington are Matt Western (Lab), Jack Rankin (Cons), Tim Griffiths (Brexit Party), Bob Dhillon (Independent), Jonathan Chilvers (Green), Xander Bennett (Social Democratic Party) and Louis Adam (Lib Dems).

Polling stations across all constituencies will be open between 7am-10pm and poll cards will direct voters to their nearest station.

  • old_moaning

    If its anything like the last one ….Basically Zahawi shows up along with the rest of the candidates

    All of the other candidates have all the people that are going to vote for them show up

    Very few people that actually vote for Zahawi show up

    Every time Zahawi opens his mouth at the meeting there are loads of BOOS & HISS from the audience (the people that are going to vote for the other candidates)

    Zahawi sits there for two hours playing the part of the panto villain extremely well

    At the end of the meeting all the audience give him an extra loud BOO & HISS and a casual observer would think this guy is done for

    A few weeks later at the general election he gets more votes than the rest of the candidates put together

    …expect a similar format 🙂

    …If it makes a few people feel better and give them an opportunity to do a bit of the shouty stuff

  • johnie

    Agree. SonA would elect our dog if he stood as Cons candidate

  • TGB

    Did anyone ask Mr Zahawi why he has been trying to find a different constituency to represent in recent months?