Arden Quarter pavement artworks installed

Rob Turner with one of his artworks

A series of unique artworks were unveiled in Stratford’s Arden Quarter last week, designed to brighten up the walk from Stratford Railway Station to the town centre.

Five large mosaic panels depicting parts of Stratford’s history have been installed within the pavements, created by the artist Rob Turner.

The artworks depict the cattle market, a map of Stratford’s Historic Spine, the canal basin and Cox’s Yard, the original Memorial Theatre (which burnt down in 1926) and the town’s riverside heritage trail.

36 artists expressed an interest in creating pavement artworks along the route when the idea was first put out by Stratford District Council.

However it was the designs submitted by Rob Turner that eventually won through, with a judging panel recognising the time the artist had spent researching in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust archives in order to come up with his proposal.

The artworks, costing £25,000, has been funded by S106 developer contributions from the Arden Quarter development on the former cattle market site.

Cllr Daren Pemberton, acting leader and place portfolio at Stratford District Council, said: “These are such a unique set of art works, showing some of Stratford-upon-Avon’s cultural highlights.  They provide colour and interest for visitors to the town on their journey to and from the railway station and also the new residents in the Arden Quarter development.”

Mr Turner added: “I wanted to draw attention to the vision the stakeholders and partners on this project have had regarding ‘Public Art’ as having such an important and high-profile contribution to the success of the new development of the Arden Quarter. I have enjoyed researching, designing and making these interpretations of Stratford-upon-Avon’s rich history.

“While working in the street installing these mosaics, I had many conversations with both visitors and residents of the town and have been overwhelmed by the interest and positivity towards Stratford’s heritage, which these mosaics have initiated.”

  • TGB

    They provide colour and interest for visitors to the town on their journey to and from the railway station and also the new residents in the Arden Quarter development.”
    …and take the eyes of everyone from the appalling design and execution of this utterly disgraceful ghetto-like structure. I do hope that Orbit get their fingers burned and that the majority remain empty.

    BTW, I believe that all these properties are for sale. Orbit is laughingly promoted as a charity** and housing association*** so why are they not renting them at low rents (Note…NOT affordable which is a meaningless word in this context; everything is affordable for someone or other).

    **Check out the salaries of the chief executives.

    ***Purely to circumvent normal planning restrictiions.

    • kingcoil

      Damm you beat me to that i was also going to say it keeps people looking at the ground rather than at the ugly shit buildings they have erected. Affordable housing if you earn in excess of 100k , i too hope that lots of empty properties are left to rot then they can be bulldozed back to pavement level.

  • Centre Parting

    Wouldn’t it make sense to fix the existing payments first?
    Those pavement ‘artists’ can’t all be in work – can they put in a price to do the slabs in the centre of town?

  • johnie

    Friend of ours came up from London last week and could not believe such a ‘development’ would be allowed in Stratford, so I took her along the Birmingham Road and to see the tower at the theatre.

    • wicked messenger

      I’m always amazed at how so many Stratford residents, opinion-formers (eg the Herald) and decision-makers are blind to the destruction of the town. It takes outsiders to point out the painful truth.