Shakespeare celebrations to be scaled back in 2020


Stratford’s world renowned Shakespeare Celebrations will be streamlined down to just their traditional elements in 2020, as the town council looks to almost half the budget for the event.

The town’s 2016 celebrations to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, were hailed as a massive success, drawing huge crowds and international attention.

However subsequent celebrations have only been able to continue on a grand scale because of the money raised in that year, and the Town Council has now had to strike a difficult balance of giving the event the gravitas it deserves and slashing the budget.

Last week town councillors agreed the new-look celebrations, with a budget of close to £42,000, much reduced from the around £80,000 spent this year.

Perhaps the most striking difference in 2020 will be the absence of the Living Statues Competition, a staple of the last two celebrations, which has now been axed.

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  • Geoff

    “Scaled back” sums up Stratford these days. So many empty and derelict properties in the heart of the town. The owners promise lavish new schemes but we know they are just sitting on an investment and don’t care how it looks. Promises from the council to improve the pavements but they never do. They chop down lamp posts and leave the stubs poking out of the ground for a year. Still not replaced despite promises. Yep, World Class Scaled Back Stratford. Makes you feel proud.

    • KJ

      The pavements are improving! Thanks to the innovative slabbing repair technique adopted by the council, which involves removing the broken slabs and then filling in the holes with tarmac.
      The half lampposts are a joke. The epitome of how poorly this world famous town is cared for these days.
      There have been some broken slabs replaced with actual slabs on Wood Street. The works were done a couple of weeks ago, and the new slabs have already sunk and broken.

  • 1jamessmith1

    do these Shakespeare celebrationsactually make any measurable profit that directly benefits CV37 as a whole, if it dose examples please? My own experience is this event kill local trade, for example shops see their take sink to under 1/2 what it should. In my experience there are so many clueless sun readers about that it is difficult to get any where in the town center.