Stratford man hopes eco-pod could be home of the future


A Stratford environmental campaigner is appealing to landowners to help him test a specially designed eco-pod allowing people to live in a sustainable way all-year-round.

Since 2005 Peter Chaddock has been developing his eco-pod, designing and building a prototype, which he says is like a modern version of a yurt.

The 10m2 pod allows one occupant to live mainly ‘off grid’, without needing connections to electricity, gas or the sewer system.

Despite its small size the pod contains a shower, kitchen, bed, bathroom, study area and storage.

He is now at a stage where he wants to conduct a full trial of his design, with someone living inside the pod for at least a year.

Mr Chaddock, said: “We’re simply living beyond our means, we only have one planet. Our current lifestyles offer ridiculous choice, but all this has repercussions. I don’t believe we can just make a few changes, we need to seriously think about how we are living on earth.

“You don’t actually need very much to live, just food, shelter and companionship. I’m looking for some land in the district to run a pilot project with the eco-pods, I’ve already got someone who is interested in living in it.

“It’s an ultra-low footprint building with a timber frame which is very thermally efficient, essentially it is a contemporary take on a yurt. There are solar panels for electricity and heat and water is stored in a large tank underneath the floor. It has a composting dry separating toilet and a high ceiling with a mezzanine level bed.

“Ultimately I my long term plan is to establish a university where each student would live in a sustainable way in one of these pods, they’d learn about forestry, horticulture, renewable energy and sustainable living and grow their own food. Basically I’ve designed a university that I would have loved to go to.”

Mr Chaddock said whilst it would be great if somebody would gift a small plot of land for the duration of the pilot project, he would be open to paying the market rate for the land.

He says he has already held constructive meetings with the district council about his eco pods, concerning planning advice.

If you would like to help Mr Chaddock email

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    that is not many solar panels, how dose the wind turbine compare? Not many trees to reduce the risk of flooding