VIDEO: Is this the most Stratfordy sight ever?


What comes to mind when you think about Stratford-upon-Avon icons? William Shakespeare and swans on the Avon perhaps. Well this fantastic footage published by the good people at Stratford Swan Avon has both – sort of, Shakespeare’s Birthplace and a lost swan.

The hapless swan had to be rescued by local ‘swan man’ Cyril Bennis after it crashed landed on to Birmingham Road. Cyril popped it in a harness and gave it a croggy* back down to the safety of the river.

Happy endings – tragedy averted… just how we like it in Stratford.

*croggy – Midlands/Northern dialect = a passenger ride on a bicycle.

Seen any other more ‘Stratfordy’ sights, let us know! (email news@stratford-herald)

  • Fran Martin

    Gill, you forgot to mention that Cyril is riding his trusty made-in-Stratford Pashley Parabike supplied by The Traditional Cycle Shop in Stratford Marina!

    • Big Jim and The Twins

      How about asking SDC if Pashley could close off Bridge Street for a day to promote their great bicycles? Maybe a weekend?

    • KJ

      What happened to Cyril and his passion for the Picture House? I haven’t seen him making much noise about it.
      Although good on him for the FOI on the council’s piggy bank.

  • wicked messenger

    “Seen any other more ‘Stratfordy’ sights, let us know! ” Well…where to begin? How about the crumbling shop frontages on Bridge Street, or the beggars-in-residence in the doorways, working the tourists?

  • Centre Parting

    No traffic wardens in view?
    Why not have a turkey for Christmas lunch like everyone else?