Former Stratford nightclub site up for sale


The site of Stratford’s former Maison nightclub on the corner of Greenhill Street, has gone up for sale.

The site, also once home to the Green Dragon pub, was expected to form part of a gateway into the centre of Stratford from the railway station.


In October 2017 an application from Escape Developments for a new residential and retail building on the land was granted planning permission, despite some opposition from local residents, mainly relating to its scale.

It had been anticipated that the nine apartment, four storey development would have been completed early in 2019, but aside from the demolition of the former nightclub and new fences being put up around the site, little else appears to have happened.

However the site has now been advertised for sale, with offers in excess of £950,000 being welcomed.

The plot is advertised with planning consent for the apartment project and the sale also includes a terrace house at 2 Greenhill Street.

  • Hugh

    Would like to crowdfund this and turn it into a homeless refuge.

    • 1jamessmith1

      A lot of homeless sorts are homeless because the choose to be drug and or alcohol addicts. One called Ann marie jack used to live near me, loads of money from the likes of independant living (is that the modern name?) payments, but never had money for food or electrics. Served 4 months in prison for robbing an old man that lived on baker avenue. Was banned from Morrisons. The bags of rubbish left at her flat are full of needles.

      • Hugh

        Agreed. But they’re not all like this. Those that deserve a chance of assistance and guidance shouldn’t be penalised because of the few who ‘give homelessness a bad name!’.

        • 1jamessmith1

          High 5 to you Hugh. Not all ways easy to separate the good apples from the bad. Many apparently good apples, only when you take a bite do you find out. The Bad apple I describe earlier, several times I gave her things such as mugs in my draw that where just sitting ther, a matter of days later, the mug mysteriously is lost with out trace. Don’t get me wrong, I understand your view point 100%

  • wicked messenger

    why not leave it as it is? a permanent reminder of the disastrous failings of Stratford’s town planners

  • KJ

    If anyone wants to have a look at the plans that have been passed by SDC for the latest inner city style development in our tiny Tudor town, go to the Stratford District Council eplanning site and search for application 16/01185/FUL.
    Yet another oversized abomination swamping the neighbouring period properties, and granted permission against the reasonable concerns of endless numbers of residents.
    What is it with SDC’s attitude towards locals? They don’t even pretend to listen.

  • Centre Parting

    There should not be residential buildings on sites such as these with vehicle pollution, including fumes, noise and light.
    Wait till complaints come in from those experiencing ill health on the Birmingham Road sites – who will be held responsible?

  • JD Hogg

    Best I can do is a tenner