Council in deadlock over HS2 support


There was deadlock in the council chamber last week as councillors were unable to decide whether or not to support the Government’s controversial HS2 rail project.

As part of a national review over HS2’s future, the council was asked to outline its stance on the scheme, which has suffered from soaring costs and protests from landowners and environmental groups.

The line runs through Stratford District and councillors representing Southam were particularly vocal in stating their opposition to it during the meeting on 23rd October.

However there were supporters in the chamber, arguing the need to increase rail capacity for the future.

When it came down to the vote, a motion to support HS2 failed, but so did the vote on a motion to maintain the council’s current position of objecting to the principle of the project.

A final vote on the option of the council not providing a view on HS2 also failed, resulting in the unusual position of the chairman having to move the meeting on with no decision being made on the item.

It seems that HS2 remains as divisive in the council chamber as it does amongst the general public.

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  • Centre Parting

    They’re not so hot on maintaining footpaths – not so sure they should be troubling themselves with major rail projects.

    • Big Jim and The Twins

      Sadly that is too true. The new tactic of pulling up slabs and replacing the holes with tarmac is something I’ve never seen before.

      What a mess the basics are around here.. increasing numbers of beggars on the streets..Shops are closing but its a relief to know we’ve still got the markets and mops closing the town centre off whenever they want.

  • old_moaning

    ….As if it would make any difference for god sake

    Just stick to your remit of supervising an outsourced rubbish collection, collecting the council tax on behalf of the government and following the Governments planning manual and you should be ok chaps and chapesses

  • johnie

    Agree but with titles like ‘cabinet member’ maybe they think they should have a view. Pity they can’t even agree on what view to have.

  • kingcoil

    They do like their meetings even if they cannot change the outcome, i suppose they get their attendance allowance by turning up and chatting shit