Pilots say the future of Wellesbourne Airfield is being undermined

Wellesbourne Airfield

Pilots at Wellesbourne Airfield are to hold a special meeting tonight highlighting what they say is a renewed threat to the site.

Earlier in the year there had been some optimism amongst some businesses at the airfield following news that many would be offered new one-year leases to remain, albeit with a 28-day landlord break clause.

However the publication of a memorandum of understanding between Stratford District Council and landowners Littler Investments, has raised serious concerns.

The agreement is intended to ensure flying functions are maintained at the airfield for the foreseeable future, in line with the council’s adopted Core Strategy.

It also talks about the mixed-use redevelopment of the site, enhancing aviation facilities.

The document commits the owners to retaining one 750m X 18m runway, but according to businesses at the site this is the smallest possible runway class, and would prevent some larger aircraft, which currently fly into Wellesbourne, from doing so.

The agreement does not mention any retention of Wellesbourne’s second runway, leading to fears that the owners could remove this without breaching the terms.

Some at the airfield believe all this is part of a deliberate attempt by the landowners to run-down the facility, downgrading it.

There is also widespread support within the local flying community for Take Flight Aviation, the only business which has not been offered a lease extension at the airfield, something the owners say is because of a breakdown in the relationship between the landlord and tenant.

The situation will be discussed at a public meeting in the Hampton Suite of the Charlecote Pheasant Hotel tonight (Wednesday) from 7pm.

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    Another mangled council planning department debacle.