New cancer nurse post gets funding

Sir Peter Rigby.

THE battle against cancer was given a big financial boost this week with news that £50,000 has been donated to fund a full time clinical research nurse for South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT).

The appointment has been made possible because of the continued generous support of the Rigby Foundation Group and it means that patients will benefit from improved access to enhanced cancer trails and new treatments with potential lifesaving outcomes.

It signifies that Stratford continues to lead the way with its state of the art Cancer and Eye Hospital and the excellence of its medical professionals right across the board.

The new role, ‘Rigby Lead Nurse – Clinical Research’, will lead the Trust’s oncology and haematology team with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the research team.

Sir Peter Rigby told the Herald: “The healthcare professionals we now have helping people every day in Stratford are very effective and it is making a difference to cancer patients. The £50,000 will support a dedicated clinical research nurse and the position has already been confirmed. The Rigby Foundation feels this new adventure will continue the rewarding and important relationship it has with SWFT.”

Full story in the Herald 17th October.


  • Sirpc

    this is very kind of “Sir” Peter Rigby, i wonder over the years how much tax he and his corporation have “legally” avoided.
    i’m sure the answer will be along the lines of “The Rigby Corporation has paid tax in the most efficient, but legal manner”.

    • kingcoil

      Sir Peter Rigby started his company with just £2000 and now turns over
      £2.4bn he has my upmost respect just for this achievement alone. His
      charity payments are massive so another bonus in my mind

      • Sirpc

        Pete, is that you?

  • Centre Parting

    Then I hope you and your family don’t need any services which he supports and trust that you will turn down any offer.