Work starts on Stratford’s cracked pavements

Work starts on Stratford's broken pavements. (Photo submitted).

CRACKED pavements in Stratford-upon-Avon, which have caused serious injuries to several people, are now being repaired.

It’s part of a long overdue repair programme which should see scores of broken and unstable paving slabs replaced in the town centre.

The Herald has highlighted the plight of pedestrians who have fallen foul of the broken slabs prompting a spate of complaints to Warwickshire County Council Highways department.

A long term restoration of Stratford’s pavements is planned for January 2020.


  • Big Jim and The Twins

    Why are they using a massive JCB to do this?? So they can be paid to repair the area they damage with their oversized digger?

    • kingcoil

      A hammer to crack a nut !

      • KJ

        Repairs for WCC are in a constant state of emergency, perpetually repairing repairs. Ridiculous and obvious.
        This evening, the fence that has been put up around the area in question has fallen over, because they haven’t used sandbags to weight them down.

  • wicked messenger

    The Herald has highlighted the problem? Really?? Have you used Freedom of Information laws to ask the council how many complaints they receive about the state of the town’s pavements, and how much they have paid out to victims in compensation settlements?