Safety questions to be asked over pavements in town


“WE’RE sick and tired of the hurt that this has caused.”

A damning indictment by former Stratford-upon-Avon Mayor Cyril Bennis who has hit out at the state of Stratford’s broken pavements – featured regularly in the Herald’s Pavement Watch in spring and summer – which continue to hurt and injure residents and tourists alike.

“There’s talk of the pavements being fixed as part of the 2020 local authority budget but we haven’t got time for that. The money’s there – it’s all taxpayers’ money. I don’t want people telling me they feel scared or intimidated about coming into town because they’re afraid of falling over and looking stupid,” Mr Bennis said.

But an important first step is due to take place Tuesday afternoon, when Mr Bennis accompanies Warwickshire County Council highway officials as they walk around town centre to have a first-hand look at the state of Stratford’s pavements for themselves.

  • KJ

    Go Cyril!
    Hopefully the council will notice all of the shops that are up for let, and the chopped off and then abandoned lampposts wrapped in yellow tape. But probably not..

  • kingcoil

    An elderly lady fell on Monday 7th October at the top of bridge street it looked like a bad fall , the council need to realise these are not just comical falls they are life changing to the elderly as a head injury can lead to DEATH !! Get the pavements sorted out now if we were not so obsessed with slabs then they could concrete the whole bloody lot over. Why not concrete them all and then draw lines in them to look like individual slabs, or concrete and get some artist to engrave designs in it .

  • Geoff

    Where slabs have been replaced they tend to crack again almost immediately. Something isn’t being thought out properly

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    So, it’s MOP Fair again and what do the showmen do – park their vehicles, generators and rides on the pavement – so when they leave the pavements will be even worse~! If the showmen wish to continue setting up in town (rather at the rec) they should be banned from the pavements or made to pay an extra fee for restitution!

    • kingcoil

      But the poor showmen make no money from the mop yet i saw Wilson in a 69 plate Range rover vogue on Wednesday.Have a walk around after the mop has gone the food vans tip their waste oil in the street.

      • KJ

        Two piles of sick on Wood Street this morning with Biffa men nearby having a chat and a cigarette before clearing it up.
        Mopsters brought rubbish with them, which they dumped on the pavement on Rother Street yesterday morning before they set up.

  • KJ

    I have just read the comments from WCC on Stratford’s insurance payout pavements.
    I get the impression that somehow, for reasons I don’t understand, WCC have given no set plan as to how to deal with the issue sooner rather than later and are generally apathetic. Are Stratford District Council pushing the matter with WCC?
    The pavements do need plenty doing to them on a large scale but how about starting by sacking
    the contractor who does the patch up work as they are clearly utterly incompetent. Sacking someone doesn’t require a financial plan and in the long run it would save money, time, injuries and payouts.

    • kingcoil

      They dont use contractors it is their own workmen that do the pavements

      • KJ

        Sack ’em and employ people who understand the basics of slab laying.