Home Office intervention possible in police alliance break-up


THE proposed ending of the alliance between Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police which is scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday, 8th October is understood to be on hold following possible Home Office intervention.

As yet no official steps have been taken but that might change withing the next 24 hours in the run up to the break-up the overall delivery of a number of key services remained unresolved to the satisfaction of Chief Constable Martin Jelley and Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe namely IT and forensics. On Friday they issued the following statement.

“We have written to the Home Secretary to require West Mercia Police to continue to collaborate with Warwickshire Police across joint business areas which cannot be separated by the two forces by the original October 9th deadline imposed by West Mercia.

We are saddened that it should have ever been necessary to make this request to the Home Secretary. Warwickshire’s position from the outset has been that it would be unreasonable and unacceptable for either force to withdraw from joint services in a situation where the other was not ready to transition to new arrangements or whereby separation was not possible in a safe and orderly way.”