Extra-care bungalows plan withdrawn


A proposal to build 21 extra-care bungalows next to the Rosebird Centre in Stratford has been withdrawn.

The application, on behalf of McCarthy and Stone, was submitted at the beginning of June but was withdrawn on 17th September, but not before a dozen letters of objection had been sent to the district council.

According to the application, the bungalows were to form the next phase of the existing Retirement Living Plus development of 56 self-contained apartments located adjacently.

The development was designed to offer accommodation for the frail and elderly, with residents benefiting from facilities in the adjacent apartment block.

However some complainants argued that the apartment block did not have the spare capacity to cater for the bungalow residents.

It is not known why the application was withdrawn this week or whether a new plan will be submitted.

  • wicked messenger

    because the bottom has dropped out of the retirement-home market.

  • old_moaning

    These McCarthy & Stone type Retirement complex sales are going to be the next huge misselling scandal.

    Ridiculously expensive to buy new, worth bugger all when you try to sell and vast service charges payable whether you are dead or alive

    Oh and God help you if you ever get dementia as you will have to ship out pronto as they are simply not built to cater for that