Orbit teams up with Forest of Hearts to build sustainable garden in Stratford

Actor David Bradley and Forest of Hearts team congratulate Orbit employees on a job well done.

ORBIT employees donned their gardening gloves to take part in the Quest for Wellbeing, a Forest of Hearts event, at Stratford Hospital.

Six green-fingered enthusiasts from the housing group joined volunteers from across the region to create the foundations of the Garden of Wellbeing, a community garden.

Forest of Hearts, a community project and charity, is set to create the Garden of Wellbeing, a sustainable, edible garden in Stratford-upon-Avon, in a bid to encourage people to get out into nature and improve their wellbeing.

Initially, the garden will be located at Stratford Hospital but will be moved to a new site at Gospel Oak Lane, Stratford.

Before the real work began, volunteers took part in a scavenger hunt around Stratford making pit stops at some of the town’s famous landmarks, including Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Schoolroom and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

On arrival at Stratford Hospital, each team was given a raised bed to plant a range of plants and edible goodies.

The two teams from Orbit made light work of the garden and planted fruit trees, fruit bushes, cabbages, beans, herbs, bulbs, potatoes and edible flowers in raised beds.

Orbit’s raised bed was ranked third place at the event and David Bradley, Game of Thrones actor and charity patron, was on hand to congratulate all the volunteers on a job well done.

Orbit is a long term supporter of the charity and donated £900 to fund the garden.


  • 1jamessmith1

    Given that plants rely on water, held in the soil, might it be a good idea to protect the wood? Or don’t Orbit believe in doing things properly?

  • SJD67

    Will Orbit be extorting maintenance charges for this garden like they do from their residents?

    • KJ

      Or maybe helping tenants who have neighbours from hell.

    • kingcoil

      If they do not do the maintenence then withold the payment from your rent