Green waste charge a step closer


STRATFORD District Council has now admitted green waste charges could be on the way – as exclusively revealed on the front page of the Herald on Thursday 19th September.

In a statement released today, Friday, the council said its cabinet will consider a proposal to begin a consultation on introducing charges, when it meets on Monday, 7th October.

On the cards is a plan for an annual charge of £40 per green bin or equivalent sacks from 1st June next year.

Council leader Cllr Tony Jefferson said: “The district council is facing significant financial and environmental pressures. As the government grant, which made up a large part of the council’s income, has been phased out, service provision needs to reflect the reduced funding available or fund existing services from other income sources.

“Many residents find the garden waste collection service very convenient, so by introducing a charge of perhaps around 80p a week, the District Council will be able to continue to provide a cost effective, efficient service for households that want it while minimising the overall cost of the service.

“As a local authority we also need to think about our environmental responsibilities and the impact of collecting garden waste across the district and encourage alternatives, such as home composting. We should also be mindful that not all residents take up this service.

“However before introducing a charge we need to carry out a consultation with residents to establish whether a chargeable garden waste service is viable in the district.”

The consultation would aim to find out:

  • Whether residents would continue to use the garden waste service if it became chargeable.
  • If so, how much would they be prepared to pay for the service.
  • If not, how would they dispose of their garden waste.

Options available to The Cabinet are:

  • To approve public and stakeholder consultation based on the proposal.
  • To decide not to proceed with the proposal and retain a free of charge garden waste service.
  • To decide no longer to provide a garden waste service from 1 August 2022 (the start of the District Council’s new waste collection contract).

If brought in, residents will be required to ‘opt-in’ to the service on an annual basis. They will receive a branded sticker/tag each year so that the crews are aware of the bins to be emptied.

Those who do not want to opt into the service, but still want to receive a weekly food waste collection will be provided with a food waste caddy, on request, free of charge (if they do not already have one). This caddy will then be presented on the scheduled garden waste collection day and the contents emptied and composted.



  • kingcoil

    They will receive a branded sticker/tag each year so that the crews are aware of the bins to be emptied.Watch for these for sale on Ebay etc after they have been removed from bins ! As for the food caddy i can imagine these being kicked around the streets and so adding to our plastic pollution. What idiot came up with this idea of providing free plastic food caddies ? are we not supposed to be moving away from plastics ? SDC would do better providing compostable bags that can be put on top of the recycle bins once a fortnight.

  • Paul Seabury

    Would the crews collect the caddy’s every 2 weeks, I live in a apartment block of 18, we have 2 blue wheelie bin skips that are stored in a storage house, the crews don’t like them but they have to empty them. How would they do the caddies and know where to leave them SDC really need to think this one through fully before doing any think. Don’t we pay enough through the council tax for this kind of service?

  • SJD67

    We were forced green bins on us years ago. Now we are going to have to pay even more for the privilege of having them. What next in a few years time we will be charged for having the food caddies?

  • Centre Parting

    £1.60 / bin not 80p/week.
    Usual spin emerging.

  • 1jamessmith1

    Others may know better here, Do the council turn food and or garden waste in to compost?
    My understanding is the compost would have resale value. Over heads appear to be quite low, storage space while it develops and worms to assist the process