Anna Soubry Stratford Brexit talk cancelled


A special talk in Stratford by Change UK leader Anna Soubry MP today has been cancelled.

The event, entitled Brexit-What Now?, had been organised by Pro-Europe group Stratoford4Europe at Stratford School tonight at 7pm.

However due to an important vote in Parliament later today Anna Soubry will not be able to travel to Stratford in time to attend.

Stratford4Europe say they will try to rearrange the event at a later date and have urged people to sign up to the group’s free supporter mailing list for updates.

You can do this by following the link on the group’s website at or by emailing


  • EU Prisoner 392019

    Throw the quisling in jail for misconduct in public office. She is a disgrace who humiliates the people who elected her and a disgrace to this nation. May she rot in h3ll

    • One-Monkey Army

      Get help.

  • kingcoil

    Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray !! she will have plenty of time after the next election when she will not get back in


  • nwb

    Once you are in a position to talk as an elected MP, please come back and face the consequences. At the moment, you ‘represent’ a party for which you were not elected into parliament: thankfully come the General Election, you will not be voted back in. Good riddance to you and your ilk…

  • wicked messenger

    One bit of pollution that Stratford avoided.