Olly the dog is on the mend

Olly is a lot more jolly now.

OLLY the spaniel injured his knee while chasing a squirrel but thanks to hydrotherapy he’s on the mend.  

Olly, aged 12, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, has been going to the hydrotherapy unit at Avonvale’s Veterinary Centre in Wellesbourne since 2015 and has recently experienced his 200th session all of which is helping to repair any outstanding health issues he has.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the hydrotherapy unit Olly was invited along to the centre because the water buoyancy treatment he receives encourages a normal walking pattern to strengthen muscles.

Veterinary nurse Helen Reeve, who runs the hydrotherapy unit, , said: “Not only is hydrotherapy good for physical health, it is also good for a dog’s mental health. For a dog who has undergone a major operation or who has arthritis and struggles with mobility, being in the water and being kept buoyant as they walk can be a huge relief and helps them regain both strength and confidence. Ten minutes on the hydro treadmill is the equivalent of a 40 minute walk.”