Jake’s ideal job is a life on the busses


NOT many 14 year-olds know what they want to do for a job when they leave school but Jake Sumner from Quinton does – he can’t wait to become a bus driver.

His passion for busses and coaches started when he caught the school bus to go to Shipston High School where he is a pupil.

When he’s not in school he’s busy with his dad David going to bus shows and rallies all over England.

Jake’s so committed to his hobby he’s already bought two Plaxton Premiere coaches from family-run coaching company Bakers Coaches of Moreton-in-Marsh.

The two retired coaches were purchased for scrap value and date back to 1998. The seating capacity on both is 70 and each one measures 12 metres in length.

It’s now the intention of Jake and David’s to restore the vehicles and get them back on the road so that father and son can tour the country visiting bus and coach shows.

“It all started on the school run when Jake filmed the journey from home to school which he enjoyed doing. Now he’s created his own YouTube posting called The Bus Channel where he talks about busses and coaches and the items he’s collected on his journeys. He’s got his heart set on becoming a coach driver and has asked Bakers if he can do work experience with them. It’s interesting because his hobby has given him something to aim for and his Bus Channel has now got a bit of a following and that’s also good for him because he just loves anything to do with busses and coaches,” David said.