Business says Runaway Mop will force it to close

Last Year's Mop Fair, which is traditionally followed by the Runaway Mop

A Stratford café owner says he will be forced to close his business during the Mop and Runaway Mop Fairs following the council’s decision to authorise scheduling changes.

Traditionally the Mop runs on 12th October and the day before, with Sunday exceptions, while the Runaway Mop returns two Fridays later- and the day before.

But this year the Runaway Mop is running on a trial basis on a Friday and then a Saturday, on 25th and 26th October.

The changes are designed to enable more schoolchildren to attend the event, but a number of businesses have expressed misgivings that the fair will occupy much of the town centre for two key Saturdays in October.

One such business owner is Massimo Bertoli, of Caffe Vineria on Wood Street.

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  • kingcoil

    This years trial basis ha ha so if this year it rains for the days the mop is on then next years trial basis will be in August !! Mark my words people the mop organisers rule over this inept corrupt council.Time to organise a massive demonstration agains this council and remove those responsible for these dececisions.I plead with every shop to close up during the mop and then demand compensation from SDC.

  • 1jamessmith1

    Any event such as this should contribute directly to local business rates, so that traders get a discount each. As much as I’m not against events like this, my experience is that the crowds that they atract make it difficult to get past if you want to use local shops. I was told that these events halve the take of local shops. That is a lot of money to loose. Not all of the lost custom will come back another day, some will simply use a similair shop out of town.