Free no more at Henley station


CAR parking charges are being introduced at Henley Railway Station this Sunday, 22nd September.

Peak time, Monday to Friday will cost commuters £3, reducing to £2.10 off-peak which is the same charge for Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.

An annual parking pass at Henley will cost £290 which is the same cost at the other eight stations across the Midlands where charges parking charges have been introduced this month.

Andy Camp, commercial director for West Midlands Railway, said:

“These charges are part of a wider improvement programme for our station car parks. The charges will help reduce ‘rail heading’, when motorists drive extra miles to avoid charges, preventing local residents from accessing the station. There will be discounts for off-peak use and significant discounts for annual car park season ticket holders. Weekly, monthly and quarterly seasons are also available.”






  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    Can Andy Camp please enlighten us to which stations “rail heading” apply to Henley! I think he needs to come up with a better excuse or at least be honest – we did it because we can and we need to make profits for our shareholders Abellio, J R East and Mitsui!

  • old_moaning

    I expect all the residential houses surrounding Henley Railway Station will experience these “improvements” first hand on their roads.. Like the other poster eluded …why cant these wretched PR people stop the BS and just tell us …It’s because they want to rob us of even more dosh!