Beans means good news for planet, say crop experts.

Professor Eric Hullub harvesting a new British haricot bean crop at the University of Warwick Wellesbourne Campus (Crop Centre/HRI). Photograph by Katie Neeves of Martin Neeves Photography .

FOR the first time ever in this country a significant breakthrough in the mass production of baked beans has been achieved at the University of Warwick’s Crop Centre in Wellesbourne.

The revelation could seriously influence our eating habits for generations to come particularly at a time when our food choices could arrest the massive damage caused by climate change.

Currently this country imports its baked beans but the newly bred white haricot bean created by plant experts at University of Warwick’s Crop Centre offers an important addition to a balanced diet and is already being trialled in some restaurants in Coventry, Warwickshire and soon Stratford-upon-Avon.

It’s believed the bean – called Capulet – could become the UK’s next commercial plant-protein crop and was tasted by the general public at the British Science Festival last week.

Full story in this week’s Herald.