In this week’s Herald …

This week's Herald is out today

It’s Herald day and we have a feast of stories for you, including …

Glorious food – the Food Festival is in town this weekend and we have the menu.

Plus, we have the latest on the long-running relief road campaign and a rallying call from Tiddington residents to save their community space.

Entries for the Half-Marathon design a medal contest are flying in and there’s still time to enter – we show you how.

Our photographer has been busy out and about to bring you some spectacular pictures – vintage cars and dragon boats to name just two.

So don’t miss out, get your Herald today.

  • kingcoil

    Bills for green bins on its way ? oddly i thought we already paid for that in our council tax. How on earth will the bin men know who has paid and who has declined to have their bin emptied ? I can see a lot of people refusing this service and dumping odd cuttings and clippings in the recycle bins.

    • 1jamessmith1

      kingcoil how can you have an ‘optional’ council service? As on my wall, for this year’s council tax it says that police and crime had a 12% increase while every thing else had a modest rise. Where was the choice there? If every one else can manage on a lot less, so can they. To many people think the police should get special treatment