Stratford4Europe rally against Parliament suspension


Pro-Europe campaign group Stratford4Europe made its voice heard on Saturday during a rally in protest of the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament.

A hefty crowd of placard waving supporters gathered at the bandstand on the Recreation Ground on Saturday for the Defend Democracy- Stop the Coup Rally!

Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament has come in for intense criticism from those who say it is undemocratic.

Similar events were held across the country on Saturday but Stratford4Europe also took the opportunity to hold a unique Brexit Clinic, where local doctors explained how they believe Brexit will impact on the NHS.

For a full report on the event, read Thursday’s Herald.

  • kingcoil

    You can see it is Stratford Upon Avon due to the lack of young people and all of the coffin dodgers 🙂 They were probably promised free cake and an cup of tea after doing the rally