Pro-Europe group to hold rally against Parliament suspension


Stratford4Europe are set to hold a rally at the Recreation Ground today to oppose the suspension of Parliament, announced by the Prime Minister last week.

The rally, which will take place at 1.30pm at the bandstand, is part of a series of coordinated rallies across the country against Boris Johnson’s approach, which has been condemned as a ‘constitutional outrage’ by critics.

Prior to that, the public are invited to visit a ‘Brexit Clinic’ street stall on Waterside, where a group of local MPs will talk about how they believe Brexit will affect both the NHS and local hospitals.

One of the doctors participating in the clinic will be Dr David Nicholl, who was involved in drawing up no-deal medical plans.

Dr Nicholl hit the headlines this week after Jacob Rees-Mogg MP was forced to apologise for comparing him to a disgraced anti-vaccination campaigner.

This week the group has also launched a petition to support a single pro-remain candidate in Stratford in order to challenge the Conservatives, should the prospect of a snap election materialise.

To view the petition visit

  • kingcoil

    Stratford4Europeshould get a grip on reality !! Over three years ago a vote was taken to remain or leave Europe the majority decided to LEAVE. At the time there was no mention of a deal or no deal as most people did not give a hoot wether we had a deal or not, All that people cared about was leaving the EU.Stratford4Europe should just honour the will of the people as you will soon find out it has not changed one bit, The majority wiould still vote to leave. Organisations like
    Stratford4Europeare just a bunch of trouble making rabble rousers!!