Life-saving machine now open all hours

Warwick Rotary president David Brain and town mayor Cllr Neale Murphy marked the installation of a new defibrillator cabinet. Photo submitted.

THE defibrillator at Warwick’s Shire Hall is now accessible 24/7, thanks to a new cabinet. Warwick Rotary president David Brain and Warwick Mayor Cllr Neale Murphy met on Thursday, 29th August, to mark the installation of the new cabinet.

The life-saving defibrillator had to sit under the desk at Shire Hall and was only available during office hours because the original green cabinet, installed in 2012, leaked.

Now the cabinet has been replaced, the defibrillator can be used at any time – in the case of a cardiac arrest making a call to 999 means a code is given to open the cabinet.

Warwick Rotary Club has funded the defibrillator and cabinet for the benefit of the local community.

Rotary and the Mayor encourage residents to learn the basics of CPR and details of courses can be found on