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Giant leaps abound this week, as the positive spin from England’s Cricket World Cup victory continues to orbit and the 50-year anniversary of the moon landings sparks a mass trip down lunar memory lane.Meanwhile, there was maximum mayhem at Stratford’s 17th fun regatta; unscary scarecrows made their spectacular debut in Oversley Green and Alcester got quacking on one of the most important events in its calendar.

The human connection in a digital age still offered by churches is the theme of this week’s loneliness feature and there are new questions for Stratford’s homeless project the Link.

In other news there’s a twist in the tale of the town’s B&Q store and a new vision for an old shop.

Among other highlights in this week’s Herald is a chance to win RSC tickets and there are too many others to mention, so don’t miss out and get your copy today.