New byelaws for Rec Ground and Bancroft Gardens to be discussed

Stratford Recreation Ground

NEW rules governing motorcycle parking on Bancroft Gardens are set to be discussed by councillors today.

Earlier this year a report into the current byelaws, dating from 1910, concluded that they were historic and needed updating, adding that under the existing rules even mobility scooters are technically not allowed.

While the sight of motorcyclists regularly meeting on Bancroft Gardens is welcomed by many, some, including former mayor Cyril Bennis argue that they pose a risk to the safety of pedestrians.

The proposed new rules, which will be discussed by the Regulatory Committee on Friday, will ban all motor vehicles, motorcycles and trailers from the Bancroft Gardens and Recreation Ground, but would allow the council to grant permission for vehicles or groups of vehicles to park in designated areas, if an application was made to the authority.

It is not just motorcycles that the new byelaw will govern with the draft also putting forward a number of new regulations regarding other behaviour on the Rec and Bancroft Gardens.

These include prohibiting yarn bombing and camping (unless given permission by the council) and lighting fires or releasing sky lanterns.

The use of drones and model aircraft would be banned as would climbing trees, fences or any other structures.

If adopted, cyclists would not be allowed to ride across the Tramway Bridge, archery or field sports such as javelin or hammer would not be permitted (except as part of an event with council permission).

Bathing in any waterway would be banned without the consent of the council while there are other restrictions regarding boats, mooring and fishing.

The Regulatory Committee will not be able to formally adopt the bylaw but should they approve it, it would allow the consultation and assessment process to continue.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Bennis again. There is something wrong inside his head. What has he got against bikers? The response is always to add more regulations, more forms, more red tape. Hasn’t the council got better things to do than to listen to this deluded person?

  • Chris Adams

    When EVERYONE ELSE enjoys the bikes (including non bikers) why does 1
    person think any bikes on Waterside is wrong & people will be hurt?
    How many years has a bike meet, of any sort, been going on at Waterside
    & how many people have been hurt?

  • Adam Sherriff

    As part of this story I would like to propose that the Market positioned on Bancroft gardens is moved . This would avoid injuries for many people who cant see where they are going as the pavement is permanently blocked .My proposal is that it should be moved to the current motorcycle park – near the car park so the buying public not investing in the town can take their goods straight to their cars . The Bikes should be given a permanent area on Bancroft gardens so people can interact and talk as they used to with the good biker folk – this would bring more business into the shops and the theatre – more people could take pleasure in the gardens as they could see what is attractive and there would be less litter . People could also avoid the area totally if they wanted too – its a free country – certainly there is no danger from the bikes but could be considerable from the large vans setting up the market on a regular basis – the bike park is vulnerable to thieves and this move would make that threat redundant .