Ambulance association facing closure if volunteers are not found

Rita, Mike and Ernie from the Stratford Ambulance Association.

The historic Stratford Ambulance Association continues to face an uncertain future with fears the organisation may fold if new volunteers are not recruited urgently.

Earlier this year the Herald reported that the Association, which dates back 75 years, was facing difficult times and was struggling to find enough volunteers to serve local events, from which it derives its income.

Sadly few people responded to help, meaning that unless something changes soon, a decision will have to be made on whether to wind up the organisation.

Association member, Mike Brain, said: “It’s not good news, we have had to turn down events because we don’t have the staff to cover them.  We do not have a bottomless pit of resources and I fear we may have to fold if we don’t get new members soon, it’s a tough decision to have to make and it will be very disappointing and upsetting if we have to call it a day, we’ve saved a lot of people’s lives over the years.”

The Association is currently located at Foundation House on Masons Road and has provided medical cover at Stratford Racecourse, the Stratford River Festival, The Mop Fair and many other meetings and events across the district.

All volunteers will be provided with uniform, training and will be asked to commit to a small number of hours monthly.

If you are interested in volunteering email