The Foodbank story is a good one. Tired with the commercial cynicism that suffocates Christmas for millions of people, while leaving millions of others in debt, Dodgy decided to take a stand and approached The Trussell Trust, the charity which runs foodbanks. They told them about their new song and the trust was happy to be a part of its launch. 

But it nearly didn’t happen as drummer Matthew Priest explained to Herald Arts: “We’d been happily recording some Christmas songs and then our record company told us that any such material must be out of copyright in order to be recorded so we were a bit stuffed for a minute or two. Then our bassist Nigel Clark started pinging away and playing with some words and Christmas at the Foodbank was written within four hours and everybody seems to like it judging by the 100,000 re-tweets we know of.”

The track is accompanied by a video and everyone involved in the project gave their time for free.

“We’re not a religious band in fact if anything we’re probably atheist but we are fed-up with the way Christmas is hijacked by commercial giants each year. The Trussell Trust tells us that three times as many people will be using foodbanks this Christmas compared with last so we felt a responsibility to do something. It’s raw and sentimental but we think it hits the right spot,” said Matthew.

Although based in London they have strong connections to Redditch and Bromsgrove and see their first visit to No.1 as a home turf gig; they have played Cox’s Yard previously.

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