Always entertaining, these musicians are welcoming and charming but they’re also clever. It’s clear from the start this band has played together many times before and yet they’re just fresh out of university.

But what are their musical influences? Before they headlined at No.1 Shakespeare Street on Sunday, brothers Peter and John spoke with Herald Arts.


“There are many influences, Bowie, the sixties, Pink Floyd, garage, house and music generally, sometimes we play it left field,” said Peter, (guitar and vocals).


My Grey Horse have enjoyed a busy season of gigs, festivals and some air time on the Beeb and comprise three brothers Peter, John, and Oobah Butler who are joined by friends Tom Mott and Joe Nicklin.


Everyone in the band was involved from the start and the audience was made to feel part of the experience as well when Oobah – in between songs – invited the gathered crowd to, “get a little closer to the stage – it’s Christmas!”  


Another thing that  blends with the lyrics is the harmonious delivery, the keyboards, the drums and bass – everything ticks perfectly well. As does the action on stage with band players changing instruments and positions on a regular basis, in fact there’s a lot of movement and music to be enjoyed here.


Loudest cheer of the night was reserved for the song Big Night which jumps straight at you and for those who haven’t heard it before, it’s the kind of track that moves in with you after the first date.


The band performed a string of songs from their EPs and there is a talk of an album early next year for which there’ll no doubt be plenty of material. The last song of the evening, You’ll never Learn taken from the marley banks EP topped off a night to remember, in fact it was a big night all round and included two support acts, Mutes from Redditch and Steady Hands from Birmingham.


As regards My Grey Horse, these former Stratford college students are welcoming, enjoy working with the audience, highly original and above all professional; in fact not only do they enjoy making music, they seriously look the part as well.